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Automobile E vehicle battery manufacturing industry

Two eminent manufacturing companies formed a Joint Venture to Design, Manufacture, Supply and Service Li-ion Battery Packs for Electric Vehicles in India

One of which was a leading Battery Cell and Battery Pack manufacturer in the Chinese market with multiple facilities in China.

  • Most of the processes entries are maintained manually.
  • Production Traceability were difficult to maintained on paper sheet or excel sheet.
  • Manual intervention may cause quality deviation.

After discussing with the expert engineering team, we went through our options and provided them with following services:
  • All production process will be done on central MIS System.
  • Process to process interlock: each process completion is checked before starting the next process.
  • All production stages data, including quality reports, can be traced easily for about 8 years.

Tyre industry

A leading tyre and rubber products company that develops, manufactures, and markets tires and tire tubes, tire raw materials, wheels and accessories, and other tire-related products for passenger cars, construction and mining vehicles, agricultural machinery, trucks, buses etc Company is a Japanese multinational tire manufacturer, delivers a wide range of tires to customers around the world, such as tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, aircraft, construction and mining vehicles, motorcycles, etc

  • Following FIFO order was difficult to maintain while using inventory material in the production of tires.
  • Current inventory life cycle was difficult to track.
  • Current inventory was taken manually and maintained on paper.
  • Operators were not skilled to follow FIFO.

We provided the following services, after detailed discussion with the expert team of engineers:
  • Central inventory management system.
  • Easy KIOSK stations for IN and OUT material entries.
  • Auto reports via mail related to inventory sent to the concerned department after every shift.
  • Web application which can be opened from a remote device to check inventory reports.

Manufacturing industry

Company provides industry-leading automotive and industrial engineered solutions through its five technology-centric platforms: bearings and units, seals, lubrication, condition monitoring, and maintenance services. Over the years the company has evolved from being a pioneer ball bearing manufacturing company to a knowledge-driven engineering company helping customers achieve sustainable and competitive business excellence.

Its solutions provide sustainable ways for companies across the automotive and industrial sectors to achieve breakthroughs in friction reduction, energy efficiency, and equipment longevity and reliability. With a strong commitment to research-based innovation, they offer customized value-added solutions that integrate all its five technology platforms.

They have a pan India footprint consisting of 6 manufacturing facilities, 12 offices, a supplier network of over 450 plus distributors and an employee base of more than 1700 dedicated professionals.

  • Production data, quality data, maintenance data were difficult to track using paper-based and Excel-based reports.
  • TDDM daily deviations were difficult to trace, distinguishing between open or closed deviations.
  • EMS meter readings taken manually by operators in Excel sheets for every meter and every location.
  • Dependency on different platforms or applications for various reports.

After a detailed discussion with the expert team of Novozymes, we provided the following services to them:
  • We provided digital replication for their current paper-based system DDM (Daily Deviation Management).
  • Central cockpit system to track plant maintenance activities.
  • EMS central energy consumption monitoring system to read energy data and produce analytic reports for management.